Saturday, December 31, 2016

My 2016

2016 went by too quickly and before I even realized, 2017 is around the corner. 

2016 have been a great year despite all the unexpected changes and plans. I took paths that I never thought I would, studied my ass off with the hope of getting into a local university, lost a lot of fortune for god knows why, graduated from SP with a Diploma, traveled a lot & got to know many new and nice people. 2016 have been a blurry year for me, but I am glad that it passed by this way and I grew along with it. 

Last 2 months in SP + what happened after graduation?

I fought really hard for my grades for the first two months of the year, but maybe the amount of effort really doesn’t equate to the returns we get. My GPA took a further drop and I ended up with a low 3.6 GPA. I still held on to the tiny chance that I might get into a local university or at least a semi local one, I was unfortunately rejected by all the 4 schools I enrolled for and ended up having an extra year to spare. I was quite dumb to think that I had a chance to enroll into the local/semi-local universities hence I didn’t apply for any private schools.

That was my greatest set-back in 2016. I felt lost and betrayed, maybe I am not cut out for whatever I want to achieve. 

It was probably around July when I finally understood and accepted the fact that I won't be studying for the time being because no school wants me, I am not good enough. I could have applied for UniSIM's January intake but I've decided to take a gap year and try again in 2017. Totally unexpected but here I am now, working as a full-timer and contributing to the society. 


May was filled with joy and happiness from attending my friend's graduation to attending my own graduation. After 3 torturous year, we are finally out from wherever we were from. Seeing all their faces filled with smiles on the day of their graduation makes me happy and I am really proud of everyone who have came so far together. 

& it was also our second time graduating together on the same day. 

My Travel Diary

Very blessed and broke from travelling a lot this year, probably the most in a year out of the past 20 year of my life. Even though the places I went were all neighboring countries, it was the company that made every trip fun and enjoyable. 

Genting Highlands with Family (Jan)

Penang with Family (Apr) 

Bangkok & Pattaya with Dickies (Apr) 

Batam with Classmates (Apr) 

Bali with Bb (Apr/May)

Genting Highlands with B's Family (June)

Batam with Bb (Sept)

Bangkok with Company (Oct) 

Macau with B's Family (Dec) 

Port Dickson with Family (Dec)


In 2016, Dom & I turned 4 years old. It has been a really long journey for the both of us and I am really glad that we managed to make it this far together. It has been a crazy ride full of ups and downs but I am willing it to go through all of it again because I know that we will be able to make it to the end regardless of what happens. There were definitely times when the both of us felt like giving up but I am really glad that things eventually worked out for us. Thank you for sticking around during the bad days, loving me regardless when I am at my worst or my best. Thank you for tolerating grumpy Yun and for constantly showering me with hugs and kisses. Thank you for completing the incomplete me. You are the other part of me, I love you so much.

To many more years Bb!!


Thank you to everyone whom I crosses path with in the year of 2016, for being a part of my life and contributing to my growth.

My family, for supporting me regardless of the choices I've made. For showering me with love and not asking for anything in return.

Bb, for sticking by me and constantly reminding me on the important things that I have to focus on in my life. For always supporting me and being there for me when I needed someone to turn to.

Dickies, for always being so ON and for being a great part of my life every other year. I hope that things will remain the same a few years down the road and our friendship will forever be true and gold.

Baobeis, for providing me with so much joy and laughter for the last 2 months of our journey in SP, turning every other boring day in school into fun and interesting one.

Poly clique, for being the first few friends I made in my poly life and always being there to advise me, listen to me, being crazy with me and tolerating the dumb ass me.

Baobaos, for making every other day at work less stressful and more fun. We will always be together as one -  dumb, dumber, dumbest and ME.

Three Holes, for being the best gossip girls ever!! I hope that we will continue to be the three holes that gossip forever till we are old!!

CS, every meet up with you guys are gold because we don't meet up that often anymore. I am glad that our friendship is still strong and I always enjoy every single meet up with you guys.

To the friends I've kept - Jocelyn, Grace, Sean, Sierra & Serene. For always being someone that I can turn to when I needed any help or when I have any troubles.

In 2016, I've learnt that sometimes things may not proceed the way we want it to. There are bound to be changes along the way and what we have to do is to adapt to whatever that comes along our way. Even when everything seems really bad, there are actually not as bad as we thought. All we have to do is to try. Think of the new path to take and trust ourselves. 

The greatest take-away from 2016 is to be thankful for what I have and what is given to me, to be contented and happy. 

May 2017 be a better year, cheers!